Life Is Strange Dev Next Game Threading On New Waters

While newer games are not shy about addressing LGBTQ+ issues, there has never been a game where the playable character is actually a transgender but that is what the next game from Dontnod will feature.

The studio is the same studio behind the popular narrative-focused game Life Is Stange and they have announced at X019 this year that they will feature a transgender playable character. In Tell Me Why, we will be transported to Alaska were to follow Tyler and Alyson Ronan and witness their difficult childhood.

Both characters will be playable and we will get to explore their different memories and decide which to believe. Players will have to decide how strong the bond is between the twin which will also decide their future. Tyler will be the transgender man here.

The new game is expected to arrive in the Summer of 2020 for Xbox One and PC. No word on whether we will be seeing the game arrive on PlayStation or not.