Life is Strange 2: Fans Not Convinced?

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Life is Strange took us by surprise. The story as well as how the game was made was fresh and new and that was the main reason why the game was such a huge hit and while it is nice to hear that there is going to be a Life is Strange 2, fans are not convinced that the game is going to be better despite what the developers are saying.

The new game will focus on a new set of characters. Set three years after the events of the first game, the new game will focus on Sean and Daniel Diaz. The game will also have some ties with The Awesome Adventure of Captain Spirit which is set in the same universe as the Life if Strange game.

According to the developers, they wanted to do something different with the new characters and story. Although they understand that fans are not ready to say goodbye to Max and Chloe yet, they also think that fans will fall in love with these new characters as well.

We hope that is true because, at this point, the fans are still not convinced that changing the characters is a good thing.

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