LG Watch Style Lacks One Important Element, Style

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LG will be offering up two new smartwatches in just a few days, one of which is the LG Watch Style, and this will be alongside the launch of one of the biggest updates for wearable devices, Android Wear 2.0.

We have seen some photos of the packaging of the LG Watch Style and it seems that the device is lacking one very important element, style. The image on the box shows off the front view and the device looks just like any other smartwatch out there. It offers a round design and comes with one single button on the side.

This image of the boxing of the LG Watch Style matches that of another photo of the watch that was recently leaked. In the other picture it showed the watch in a different colour, so it could be a different version. When you look closer you can see a manufacturing date and this tells us that it was made in Korea last month.

The LG Watch Style is said to have a price tag of $249 but it isn’t going to offer features such as LTE, GPS and heart rate monitor. We are expecting to see its arrival along with the LG Watch Sport on 8 February, when Android Wear 2.0 is revealed.

But do you think the LG Watch Style lacks style?