LG V30 Will Have Nothing More To Show When The Time Comes

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LG is at bad at keeping their smartphone a secret as Samsung. We know that LG will be announcing the device soon but at the rate that informations are flowing out, LG might have nothing more to surprise us with when the time comes.

Initial rumour suggests that the LG V30 will be coming in without the popular secondary display feature. It is said that since LG will be fitted the device with an OLED screen, there is no need for the secondary display anymore.

The secondary display was added to the device because LG felt that the secondary display could help save the battery life of the device since users won’t have to wake the device up every time they wanted to check on something small but since the new OLED is already a lot more efficient than the LCD that the LG V30 had, there is no need to include the second display another.

There were also talk about the LG V30 coming in with a wireless charging feature after a leaked image showed the device with a wireless charging coil. We will know more about the device when we see it at IFA this year.

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