LG V30 Has Fans Drooling Over Pixel 2 XL

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We still do not know much about the upcoming Google Pixel 2 XL but since LG would be the one manufacturing this year as well, some fans think that the leaked LG V30 image would give them more information about the upcoming Pixel 2 XL.

The image of the LG V30 was leaked online and so far, the response has been pretty good. While it is clear that this is no Note 8, the consumers are still pretty impressed with what LG has to offer.

In fact, a lot of consumers have added that they would not mind it a bit if the upcoming Google Pixel XL were to end up looking like the LG V30. Chances of that happening are really high but at the end of the day, we will still have to wait and see.

The LG V30 will be coming in with a few major upgrades including a new display screen and the removal of the secondary display.

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