LG V10 Hidden Features You Never Knew About

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The LG V10 is arguably one of the most popular Android smartphones on the market at the moment. With that said here are some tips and tricks if you happen to have purchased on recently.

LG V10 settings: While the LG V10 shows Settings inside of 4 tabs, you can revert it back to show all as a list

LG V10 Easy Mode: If you’re new to Android phones that you may find the LG V10 a little daunting. Thankfully you can set it to Easy Mode which will simplify everything and even increase font size.

LG V10 customisation: You can swap the colors of the navigation buttons as well as their design.

LG V10 IR blaster: You can use your LG V10 as a TV remote control thanks to the built-in IR blaster.

Double tap launch: Lastly you can launch specific apps on your LG V10 by simply double-tapping the volume button.

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