LG V10 Will Be A Major Target For Theft

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The Google Nexus 6P was hit with major controversy earlier this month as it became public knowledge there was a way to bypass the Factory Reset Protection feature built into the device.

What this potentially meant was that if your Nexus 6P was ever stolen, someone could reset the phone and use it for themselves or sell it. However with FRP in place it would be deemed useless and no longer a target for thieves. The good news is that once Google became aware of the bypass they released an update a few days ago to patch this bug.

Unfortunately the same can’t be said about the LG V10 – another popular Android phone to recently hit the market. To date, the Factory Reset Protection can be bypassed and LG doesn’t appear to have any plans to fix this.

With this said, it leaves the LG V10 a popular target for thieves looking to make money by selling popular electronics. The LG V10 is without a doubt on the wishlist of many fans and now unfortunately also a target for theft.

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