LG Optimus G Review: Most Solid, Well-Put Together Android Ever

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You may have a hard time putting down the LG Optimus G once you get it in your hands. The folks over at AndroidPolice have managed to get their hands on one and conducted a full review. Their final verdict is a far cry from the LG Nexus 4 prototype review which as you may know shares almost identical hardware in many aspects. So what has the LG Optimus G such a hit?

AP’s LG Optimus G review

As AP explains, the LG Optimus G is fast and smooth and the user interface is full features and a lot more usable than it was 6 months back. LG have put a great deal of work into the handset and this shows. It happens to be the only Android handset they have ever used that gives the feel of a device costing $700. So yes, it is one solid and well put together Android superphone.

One of the disappointing aspects is the life of the battery. LG may send out a patch to help the struggling battery life; however they haven’t in the past been all that good in bringing updates. In fact they could be classed as one of the worst for getting updates out. Samsung and HTC should have their flagship devices up and running on Jelly Bean by this months end, apart from those in the US. When LG will bring the update out for the LG Optimus G is anyone’s guess.

With Android 4.2 on its way, owners of the Optimus G may be another OS version behind and they could be waiting forever for it. This is the only downside to getting a device with LG. On the other hand there is an upside, as LG are said to be bringing out an LG Nexus based on the Optimus G. This should get updates more quickly, having the Nexus name and who knows, some of that charm may rub off on the Optimus G.

The Optimus G is a superb handset and it happens to be the first device from LG that it a challenge to smartphones on the market concludes AP.  Check out their full review here.

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