Powerful LG Optimus G Will Headed To US As Nexus Phone (Prediction)

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LG have just announced their flagship Android handset the Optimus G along with details about the global launch which will be taking place in Korea. According to LG the handset will be available from October and in November it could come to the US.

LG Optimus G may be next Nexus phone (A&M)

The LG Optimus G is thought to be coming to AT&T along with Sprint where it will be known under the name of the LG Eclipse 4G LTE. T-Mobile along with Verizon are well in with LG, therefore it is quite possible that the Optimus could be seen on these carriers too. LG have a press event scheduled for tomorrow and it is thought we could see the details of it being launched in the US.

The Optimus G comes with the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro with 1.5GHz and LTE. It has a screen of 4.7 inches True HD IPS Plus at 1280 x 768 with a ratio of 15:9. It has 32 GB of memory and 2GB of DDR RAM. The camera on the back is 13 megapixels and it has a 1.3 megapixel on the rear. The battery provides 15 hours of talk time thanks to 2,100mAh or 335 hours on standby. It weighs in at 145g and measures 131.9 X 68.9 X 8.45mm.

Now Android&Me reports that there have been rumours of many Nexus devices coming out but Google has not yet given any, therefore some details are likely to leak soon. Trusted sources have said that LG will be releasing a Nexus handset this year, but as yet there haven’t been any photos, specs or benchmarks.

While there hasn’t been any evidence to prove it, it is thought that there will be at least one Nexus device released in November. It happens to be LG that has everyone the most excited. LG or course are thought to be the underdog by many people in the smartphone industry and therefore a Nexus smartphone could help to build their image among lovers of Android points out A&M, hinting that the LG Optimus G will likely be the basis of such a Nexus device.

Would you be interested in an LG Optimus Nexus?

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