Upcoming LG Nexus Looks A Lot Like An iPhone 5! [Leaked Pics]

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Do you remember the LG-E960, a phone we reported ealier this month after it got through the FCC? We wondered if this was the next LG Nexus phone that’s got people talking; according to an XDA guy, it is. He hasn’t said much else about it, other than the fact that a “random source” handed it to him and that it looks like a prototype.

LG Nexus pictures supposedly leaked

You can see from the pics that it runs stock Android Jelly Bean and is going by the codename Mako for now. All Nexus devices have fish-related names until their official release, so it’s all consistent for now. The styling is as plain black as all get out, but there are onscreen navigation keys, which is something Google brought to its smartphones with the Galaxy Nexus.

We also have some side shots showing a volume rocker and a power switch on opposite sides of the phone. There’s also a camera with a flash on the rear, and what looks like an LG boot-up animation (is this a Nexus after all?). The XDA guy claims that it works on T-Mobile and AT&T.

Now I don’t know about you but this looks a lot like the iPhone 5. Of course that isn’t a fair statement given that all smartphones are generally black rectangular slabs with full glass up front.

LG Nexus

LG Nexus


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