LG Nexus 5: If It’s Coming, This Is Probably It

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The LG Optimus G have been doing very well for itself in the US for some time now, along with being out in China and Europe, and now there is talk about an updated device, the Optimus G Pro. The handset has been confirmed in promotional materials, along with renders.

In Japan the G Pro handset for NTT DoCoMo was announced and this came with a display of 5 inches and was full HD, it had a battery of 3000mAh, but there has been talk of another device in the making. This could have a larger screen of around 5.5 inches. If the rumours are true then we can show you the 5.5 inch device, which could be announced at the MWC later in the month, might look like and we have included a spec sheet that will make your mouth water.

The device will have to compete with handsets such as the Sony Xperia Z, the HTC M7 and the Samsung Galaxy S4 and it may be able to stand up to them.

Given that the originial LG Optimus G was the basis for the LG Nexus 4, if there is an LG Nexus 5 in the works then it will likely take this hardware.

So wow would you fancy a display of 5 inches with full HD IPS LCD display of 1080 x 1920p? What about if there was a Snapdragon 1.7GHz quad core processor to boot, with LTE support, 2GB of RAM, a camera of 13 megapixels and 2 megapixel camera on the front which could take 1080p video?

Even better the 5.5 inch LG Optimus G Pro could have a battery of 3140mAh, 32GB of storage plus an SD card slot of up to 64GB and a unibody design.

While the LG Nexus 4 has solid hardware, it falls short due to lack of LTE and the fact that it only comes in 16GB max. These are two things the LG Nexus 5 should overcome and will do so if it’s based of this handset.

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