LG Nexus 5: Release Date, Specs, Price & Other Whispers

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The LG Nexus 4 has made itself a very popular Android indeed, but now there’s talk of its Key Lime Pie-rocking successor!

IBTimes says that the LG Nexus may form the base of the LG Optimus Pro, and a source reckons that Key Lime Pie will be out in May or so, with lots of improvements, like multiple user profiles. This LG Nexus 5 might also have different performance modes, so people can select either battery life or hardware performance.

The LG Optimus Pro may well have a 5”, 1080p display, as well as a quad-core 2GHz chip and an improved camera. It may have LTE, too.

LG hasn’t said for certain if it will make a new Nexus handset, but the rumours are still floating around about Google working with more than one handset maker this year.

The LG Nexus 4 is a real achievement for LG, with stunning design and the hardware to back this aesthetic statement up. It does lack storage space and LTE, though. The LG Optimus Pro has LTE and loadsa storage, so if the LG Nexus 5 is on its way, let’s hope it takes a leaf out of its book. We also need to hope it’ll be in the Google Play Store.

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