Tired Of Waiting For LG Nexus 4? Nexus 5 Coming This Month [RUMOR]

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James Fisher, the Senior VP of LG talked at the CES about the LG Nexus 4 being just the beginning of many handsets that they were working on alongside with Google.

The Nexus range is a great promotion tool for Google as they are able to use it to promote their products. Google have worked with HTC, Samsung and LG on Nexus devices. At the moment they haven’t worked with Motorola, but there have been rumours about a Sony Nexus coming our way.

Fisher said that working alongside LG had allowed them to launch the Nexus 4 and that there would be more handsets coming soon.

He said that LG would be revealing their next generation handsets in Barcelona. Samsung’s follow up to the Nexus device was not with Google. They chose to launch the Samsung Galaxy S4 after their Nexus handset. However LG are thought to be making updates to the range of Optimus devices. Fisher went on to say that through 2013 LG would be releasing more tier one handsets and these would come in different sizes.

IBTimes said that LG were scaling back the LG Nexus 4 production so that were able to concentrate on their new devices. The LG Nexus 4 successor should have quad cores of 2 GHz and it may have Key Lime Pie installed.

The LG Nexus 4 has received a great deal praise thanks to it having some superb features. However thanks to production issues it has been hard to get hold of thanks to demand being higher than the supplies.

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