Collision Course: LG Nexus 4 & WP8 Launching On Same Day?

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The rumours about there being an Android event on 29th October seem to be true, as invites have been sent out for a Google event at 10am in New York. The tagline says that the playground is open, which is in reference to the Google Now interface. The timing of the event is significant as this is also the day when Microsoft will be revealing their Windows Phone 8.

LG Nexus 4 and Windows Phone 8 sharing same launch date?

During the last few weeks there have been numerous rumours surrounding the LG Nexus handset which will have stock Android. Dubbed LG Nexus 4, This is based on the Optimus G hardware supposedly. However images have been leaked which are said to be a Sony Nexus handset and this gives fuel to the months old rumours of Google working with more than one manufacturer on Nexus devices. Google are to stream the event live over YouTube, so check it out.

Over on the Microsoft front, the latest Microsoft Surface tablet looks off to a great start with the base 32GB model already appearing sold out. Simultaneously, the Nokia Lumia 920 is garnering up major attention thanks to having the best in class display and camera at this time.

All that is left open is the Windows Phone 8 OS which will either make or break the Nokia Lumia 920. We haven’t seen anything about it since Microsoft has been saving it for their October 23rd event, so all the Nokia Lumia 920 praises so far are for its hardware.

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