LG Nexus 4 vs Samsung Galaxy Nexus: Why Galaxy Still Wins

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The LG Nexus 4 has come out now and it has been popular, however while the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is an older handset, it should not be ruled out. So which of the two handsets comes out tops?

If the Samsung Galaxy Nexus get updated to Android 4.2 very soon it will have a new lease of life. On the other hand the LG Nexus 4 does come with a lot of advantages over it.

The LG Nexus 4 comes with a superb design and it stands out. If you have the two handsets side by side then it is easy to see which the premium handset is as it feels more solid and it comes with substantial looks, which is something that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus doesn’t have. The back of the LG Nexus 4 is made from glass and it has been said that it is easier to break.

The displays are different to and the LG Nexus 4 has the True HD IPS while the other has the Super AMOLED. If you are a fan of Nexus handsets then you will be used to the AMOLED displays. This may make the IPS display of the LG Nexus 4 seem weird at first and there is no getting away from the fact that it doesn’t match the colours and deep blacks of the AMOLED display. It is however better in direct sunlight.

The LG Nexus 4 isn’t slow and in regards to processing speeds it does beat the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. It is fast and this is down to the quad core Snapdragon 1.5GHz processor plus the 2GB of RAM.

The LG Nexus 4 can be booted in around 30 seconds faster than you can boot the Galaxy Nexus and webpages are faster at loading too. While the device is faster and apps are snappy you have to bear in mind that the functions which rely on using data do handicap the device. This is down to the fact that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus has LTE and the LG Nexus 4 doesn’t.

Cameras on the Nexus handsets are generally nothing to brag about but things have changed with the release of the LG Nexus 4 as it does happen to be the best to date.

In regards to speakers sound is loud and it is clear and the handset does have better sound than the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

There are some ways that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus beats the LG Nexus 4. This is in the form of the battery that is removable and the fact that it has support for LTE. The LG Nexus 4 has been moaned about due to its battery life which is well below that of the Apple iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3. The Galaxy Nexus happens to be the same; however the removable battery is in its favour providing of course that you don’t mind having to carry around a spare battery.

Most owners of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus will decide that making the upgrade to the LG Nexus 4 is not worth the hassle and there are trade-offs. The LG Nexus 4 does happen to be the faster of the two handsets, but then the Samsung Galaxy Nexus gets better with updates. The LG Nexus 4 comes with the better battery; however the Samsung Galaxy Nexus comes with LTE and a battery that you can swap.

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