Nokia Lumia 928: LG Nexus 4 Meets 41MP Pureview Camera [PICS]

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The specs of the Nokia 808 PureView left Peter Walters frustrated, so much so that he decided to do something about it and made his own version of the phone. His concept resulted in the Nokia Lumia 928 and 828. The 828 is in competition with the LG Nexus 4 and its budget price tag, while the 928 is aimed at competition for the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Nokia Lumia 928 concept: LG Nexus 4 styling meets Nokia Lumia Pureview

Both concept devices have the PureView 41 megapixel camera and they have resolutions of 4.3 inches 720p on the smaller model and 4.8 inches 1080p on the larger. The budget 828 would be £200, while the larger devices would have a price tag of £400. The larger of the devices has HSPA+ support, the 928 version comes with dual band 4G LTE. Peter Walters said that he wanted the Windows Phone 8 device to be better and that the appearance of the operating system on the Nokia devices needed changing.

Windows Phone 8 on the concept devices comes with a desktop that is personalised, along with start menu, which offers the user a more comfortable experience. Imagery and appealing skins have been combined to make the handset more appealing. The design includes transparent colours that are new, reduction in the icon sizes and wallpaper that is more colourful. There are empty spaces between the icons and not everyone may like this idea, however it is interesting.  There is no mention of specs, however a quad core processor wouldn’t be amiss.

Both designs seem to share a lot of design traits of the LG Nexus 4 while that awesome PureView camera reminds us of the Nokia Lumia 920 and 808. Obviously this concept won’t become a reality but we can dream, right?

Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 concept

Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 concept

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