LG Nexus 4 vs HTC One X+: Simplest Way To Decide

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HTC revealed the One X+ in October; this was an update to their older flagship device, the One X. The device was offered with four advancements, which were a processor that is faster, more internal storage, larger battery and support for 4G.

LG Nexus 4 vs HTC One X+: simple & straight forward

Now the LG Nexus 4 and the HTC One X+ are both top of the range devices and both come with numerous features and specs that put it at the top as flagship phones. In terms of OS both have Jelly Bean, which means they have Google Now, widgets that can be resized and much more as well.

The HTC One X+ is unlike any device on the market thanks to it having Beats Audio integrated and coming with 250GB free Dropbox storage. The LG Nexus 4 carries the Google branding and as such it offers consumers an all new Android experience that is pure and with promise of regular updates. It also has a ridiculously low price tag of $299 without a contract.

If you’re having a tough time picking between both devices then it is best to look at it objectively. Here we have highlighted only the major points which need to be weighed when picking between the two.

If you want a device with the faster processor and heaps of storage then the HTC One X+ may be the best option of the two. On the other hand if you have preference for regular future software updates and have a tight budget then the LG Nexus 4 may be the more suitable option.

These are the most clear cut differences that can be compared, with other things such as design, display quality and camera capabilities being subjective.

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