LG Nexus 4 & HTC “Butterfly” Nexus 5 (Google Phone Rumors)

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The Samsung Galaxy Nexus has just had its 1 year birthday and a newer version in the Nexus line-up is reportedly on its way. We have heard a lot about the LG Nexus 4 and now rumours are going around about the Nexus 5, which will come from HTC. Whether it will arrive at the Google event on Monday or later in the year remains to be seen though.

LG Nexus 4 & HTC Nexus 5 (HTC J Butterfly)

Photos had been seen online of a 5 inch phablet from HTC, and these sparked rumours about Google revealing more than just one Nexus handset in 2012.

These rumours escalated to leaks in September about a Nexus 5 from HTC, and finally HTC have made the official announcement that they have been working on a phablet device and the specs are mind blowing. The device goes by the name of the HTC J Butterfly and has a display of 5 inches, which is full HD, at 1080 x 1920 and 440ppi.

The handset will come with Jelly Bean and it will be powered by the Snapdragon S4 processor and have 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage. When HTC revealed this device the rumours grew more intense about the Nexus 5, as the device matches the specs which were thought to be the phone from HTC to join the Nexus line-up, which was rumoured from September. The HTC J Butterfly of course is real and is even expected to make its way to the US as the Verizon DROID DNA. But what previous rumors are saying is that there will also be a version without Sense 4+ which will be the Nexus variant.

While the HTC has the bigger number than the LG model (Nexus 5 vs 4) it is believed to relate to its screen size and doesn’t necessarily mean that it would be a follow up to the LG Nexus 4 that will come next year only. So basically in the line-up of Nexus devices there would be, the HTC Nexus One, Samsung Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus, LG Nexus 4, HTC Nexus 5, Google Nexus 7 and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus 10.

At the moment we can only speculate and this is nothing more than a rumour, as nothing has been confirmed.

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