LG Nexus 4: No Pain, No Gain

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Google said that the LG Nexus 4 would be available from 13th November and the device would come with the pure Android experience. Due to this fact it has been very popular. Vanilla Android means that there is no manufacturer’s skin on top of Android.

LG Nexus 4 not easy to get a hold of

The LG Nexus 4 is the latest Nexus phone and some say the greatest Android phone out today thanks to it coming with Android 4.2 installed. Updates should come to the handset faster than on any other device. Another plus with the handset is the cost, $299 for a device that is unlocked is almost never heard of.

Google went along the route of not putting the device up for pre-order. This was perhaps down to the mess with the Nexus 7. Those who pre-ordered the device had to wait 2 to 3 weeks after you could get the device in store. This meant people were walking into stores and buying the device, while those who had pre-ordered were left waiting and didn’t even have a date for shipping.

However the LG Nexus 4 hasn’t been without problems, despite there being no pre-orders for it.  Those wanting to get their hands on the device had to go to the Google Play Store website and order the device and this is when the problems start.

Users have to wait for the page to tell them that the device is in stock and then they hit buy and pay and checkout. However this means those who want to get the device have to keep hitting the refresh button on the page and wait and wait some more.

However there is a way around this and that is to install an extension for Chrome called “Page Monitor”  You can put in the URL of the Google Play Store and set it to check at intervals. If the page changes to say in stock, then a sound will be heard.

The whole thing has caused quite a stir in forums, more so than any other device that hasn’t been launched yet. Postings included how to get your hands on the device, accessories for it, taxes, origins of shipping, shipping times and more.

When joining a chat room just a minute before the launch of the device the tension among those wanting the device was unbearable and many angry comments were made. One user said that he had to get up early for an exam, which he thought he would fail, as he was staying up all night to try and get the LG Nexus 4. Another posted that they were close to tears thanks to being tired and the hopelessness of it all.

At this point everyone in the forum knew that the device had been sold out in Australia within 22 minutes of it going on sale. The device then went on sale in other countries and reports came in of these selling out in minutes and the servers in Europe crashing. Those in the forum were even more irate by this time as those that were lucky enough to get the handset in the cart, found that checking out was impossible.

By 4 in the morning EST time, the LG Nexus 4 was sold out everywhere. At 8.30 the next morning the device is still not available in Canada. Then there is news that it will be launched at noon time. However Google launched early, annoying some more users who were waiting for 12 before beginning with the page refreshes.

Google made an announcement on Google+ that there had been so much interest in the LG Nexus 4 that stock had sold out in a few countries. They said they were working hard to add more devices onto the Google Play Store. Now people are left with a sold out button and a notify me button, with the handset being available sporadically in the day.

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