LG Nexus 4 Gone For Good… Unless You’re Still Alive & Kicking In 2013

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The Nexus 4 is sold out in the UK, US, Australia and the rest of the world, and it will remain so until 2013. This means that while you can still order an LG Nexus 4, you cannot get your hands on either the 8GB version or the 16GB version until next year when it begins to ship again.

LG Nexus 4 now only shipping in 2013

This means that if you were hoping on getting the device before the Mayan predicted doomsday then you can forget about it (although even if you could there really would be no reason).

Now it is unclear if the problem lies with Google or whether it is the demand for the LG Nexus 4 that has made it impossible for Google to keep up with stock. It is thought that the Sold Out messages will remain on the Google Play Store for at least another month and then there will be a delay of around 3 months to have the device delivered, if you haven’t managed to order the handset yet.

If you were among the lucky ones who managed to order a 16GB LG Nexus 4 then you should expect a delay of around 2 months before your device is shipped. This would apply to orders that were placed today for those living in the US.

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