LG Nexus 4: “Hey Goober, Where’s The SD Card?”

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One of the main questions people have been asking following the Google launch of the Nexus S is why Google doesn’t put SD card slots in the Nexus handset range. Only one Nexus handset has had the SD slot to date, and that was the Nexus One.

LG Nexus 4 lacks SD card for expandable storage

The LG Nexus 4, which was just released by Google, comes with a choice of 8GB or 16GB and this too doesn’t have an SD card slot for expansion, so how come? Well the only person that has the answer to that question is Matias Duarte, who happens to be Director of Android OS User Experience.

Now every year since the Nexus S, we’ve gone through this same song and dance. At the launch event, Google would unveil their latest Nexus handset and during Q&A one of the tech blogs or reporters would yell out and ask if there is expandable storage. In fact, it was just last year at the launch of the Galaxy Nexus where I could have sworn someone yelled out to Andy Rubin on stage, “Hey Goober, where’s the SD card??” Now I’m sure he meant to say Google but nevertheless that’s how I remembered it.

This year due to Hurricane Sandy, this opportunity never came about. So instead Android’s Matias Duarte had to address the issue why alternative means.

In his Google+ page he said that that while people like the idea of having an SD card, for some users it can be confusing. For instance people can get confused over whether they saved something onto the handset or the card. Swapping out the card, he says, is also complicated.

However the Nexus handset has a fixed amount of storage and therefore apps just use this space without the user having to worry about what goes where or have any concern over separate volume counts.

It’s a simple answer but I doubt this is going to appease LG Nexus 4 fans when devices like the Samsung Galaxy S3 boast compatibility with 64GB SD cards.

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