LG Nexus 4 Review Roundup: Tech Gurus Say It All

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Some of the first reviews of the LG Nexus 4 have arrived on the net and many of them show the device in good light, with just a few of the reviews criticizing it.

LG Nexus 4 is of course the flagship Google device on the Android platform as was the Samsung Galaxy Nexus with ICS in 2011 and the Nexus 7 tablet that came with Jelly Bean in July of this year.

LG are continuing with the Nexus name and the device happens to be the first to be released with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. This brings users gesture typing and panoramic photos, plus many other features.

Reviews about the LG Nexus 4 have been mainly positive, and there have even been some that say the Nexus 4 is the best Nexus device to have been released to date.

It comes with a display of 4.7 inches and it has the quad core Snapdragon processor of 1.5GHz. The camera is 8 megapixels and the battery is 2100mAh. The price for the 8GB version is $299 and this happens to be unlocked. On the downside it is let down by a lack of LTE and some have said that the battery life could be better. Others have commented on performance issues with Android 4.2. So just what do the tech experts have to say about the Nexus 4 from LG?

LG Nexus 4 review roundup

The Verge says that the “Nexus 4 is a handsome – if relatively uninspired – device in terms of looks, but the reviewer was impressed by the specs, including the main rear camera”.

They also note that the improvements to Google voice search for Android 4.2 means that it now outperforms Apple’s Siri in the majority of queries.

However, the reviewer says that the alarming lack of LTE makes it tough to see how this stacks up fully against the competition.

Engadget says that the LG Nexus 4 is a veritable dreamboat when it comes to looks and specs, observing that it is the lovechild of a Samsung Galaxy Nexus and an LG Optimus G. Engadget’s review also notes that the starting price of the Nexus 4 means it will attract a whole new audience to the Nexus brand.

Whilst the review says that the Nexus 4 battery life is not as good as the Optimus G, it was largely positive on the phone.

Gizmodo goes as far as saying that the LG Nexus 4 is “officially my favourite phone by a healthy margin”. They explain that the lack of LTE doesn’t really hurt the phone too much, but the thing that does raise concern is battery life:

“On paper, the 2100 mAh should power it through the day no problem. As it is right now, this is not a phone I could take on a long trip where outlet access is spotty,” they say, but also note that a rumoured software update could address this issue in future.

TechCrunch says that the fit and finish of the Nexus 4 feels great and the handset looks pretty slick. But while the reviewer welcomes the tweaks and additions in Android 4.2, they add that it is arguable as to whether or not a smattering of changes a great update makes.

While CNET praises the impressive technical specs and competitive price of the LG Nexus 4, but notes a series of flaws: including that its construction is solid but uninspiring; the call volume is too low, and the lack of 4G LTE is an issue.

The review concludes that, “aside from natively sporting Android Jelly Bean, the Nexus 4 doesn’t offer up anything significantly new. If you ask yourself, what does this phone do to expand and progress the Nexus brand? The answer is, nothing much.”

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