LG Nexus 4 Review: Awesome But Is It For You?

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The LG Nexus 4 came out recently, and it’s been hailed as the best Nexus device so far. It’s got brilliant specs and a low price for an off-contract device – what’s not to like? Is it right for you, though?

LG Nexus 4 review – to buy or not to?

There have been a few detractors – most have decried the lack of LTE, and this might dissuade US buyers the most, as LTE is pretty big there.

Nevertheless, the LG Nexus 4 sold out online within minutes – why? It is the Optimus G with a few fancy bits, like the great exterior design and build quality plus a pure Android experience. It’s only available in black, but it glitters ever-so-slightly when it’s held up in the light. This is a premium-looking device that can compete with the iPhone 5.

The LG Nexus 4 weighs 138g and is 133.9×7.0x9.1mm, which doesn’t quite feel as light as the iPhone 5 or the Samsung Galaxy S3. It does have top-tier hardware, and a quad-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon chip. It also has a 4.7” IPS display with 1,280x768p resolution. It comes in 8GB and 16GB versions, but lacks SD. Its rear camera is 8MP and there’s a 1.3MP front camera. There’s no LTE, but it does have HSPA+ support, as well as NFC and microUSB. The battery is 2,100mAh and the device runs on Android Jelly Bean (4.2).

The LG Nexus 4 did well on Geekbench tests, beating both the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 5, as well as the Optimus G! This could be down to the Android 4.2 build though.

The screen is excellent, and even though its ppi is lower than the iPhone 5, you can’t really tell. It’s very easy to read and is one of the best displays around.

The cameras are so-so, but they do give very clear photos. You also get PhotoSphere and various filters. You’ll go a day on a single charge, unless you’re watching films, in which case you’ll get 4.5 hours. The LG Nexus 4 is a great device, and it’s fairly cheap. The unlocked 8GB version will cost $299 – the lack of SD is a letdown, as is the non-removable battery, but the price goes a long way to compensate for this.

There are lots of things you have to weigh up with this handset. Great specs, pure Android and a good price. If LTE is no great shakes to you, and you don’t have loads to store, this device may be just right for you. If you do need LTE and more room, though, and the 16GB version is too small, then look at the iPhone 5 or the Samsung Galaxy S3.

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