LG Nexus 4 Price Will Be Undercut By A New iPhone [REPORT]

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Following the release of the LG Nexus 4, there has been talk of some super cheap Windows Phone devices coming to the market. The question on everyone’s lips is whether Apple will hit back and go with a strategy that is similar. According to PocketNow, one analyst is predicting Apple could make it happen with an iPhone in 2014.

LG Nexus 4 low price may be start of more things to come

Apple will not want to miss out and they cannot afford to, so in the future the iPhone should not be out of reach due to its high price tag. Apple have done ok up to now with the pricing of their iPhones, however the day will come when people start to wonder if the device is worth paying out for and Apple will have to sit down and rethink about offering a model of the iPhone at lower cost.

Gene Munster didn’t say what the budget iPhone might come with, but it would be a big change from the iPhone we have now. He says that Apple could come in with the goods and offer a device in the price range of $200 contract-free.

The iPhone would then be in the reach of more people, however what would a budget phone do for the Apple brand? So far the LG Nexus 4 price tag isn’t making anyone think less of LG or Google so it may not be a bad idea after all.

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