Nexus Revolution: HTC Nexus 5 & LG Nexus 4 Land Oct 29th?

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Now that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is a year old, rumours have been sparked of new Nexus devices coming on to the market. The Nexus 4 from LG is speculated for an October debut and there are also rumours going around that another Nexus device will launch together, the HTC Nexus 5. This is thought to be based on the HTC J Butterfly.

LG Nexus 4 & HTC Nexus 5 (J Butterfly) to be announced at upcoming Google event?

Everyone knows that the LG Nexus 4 is real, we have seen a review of the prototype of the device and there has been numerous photos posted online. The only thing that we don’t know is when the device will be launched, though rumour has it, it will be 29th October. There have also been speculations of a 5 inch phablet from HTC and some are saying that this will become the Nexus 5. Of course there have been plenty of rumours going around about there being more than one Nexus handset coming out this year and these rumours seem likely to be about to come true.

Since September rumours began about the Nexus 5, just this week HTC said that they do have a phablet coming out with specs that will blow the mind. The device in question has the name of HTC J Butterfly.

The phablet has a display of 5 inches in full HD at 1080 x 1920 and ppi of 440. It will come with Jelly Bean and has 2GB of RAM and the S4 Snapdragon processor. It should come with 16GB of internal storage and these specs actually match those of what was said to be the HTC Nexus device just last month.

Meanwhile the LG Nexus 4 is supposedly based on the Optimus G. Why the HTC device gets to be called the Nexus 5 is likely down to the fact that it has a 5 inch display.

There are some that believe the device will only be available with Verizon and it could have the Droid naming as well. The name of course is irrelevant; we just want to see it arrive in the US.

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