LG Nexus 4 Won’t Be Enjoying Its Stay At Google Play Store, In & Out Instantly

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There has been a shipping update for everyone that showed interest in getting the LG Nexus 4 or the Nexus 10 tablet. Both of these devices are going to launch today, 13th November, which means it will be a crazy day as Google are offering the Nexus 4 on a first come, first served basis.

LG Nexus 4 orders shipping out almost immediately

Google have not yet revealed the exact time when the orders of the devices will come in and when they will ship them once an order has been placed. However they did say that the Nexus 4 will be shipped out on the same day. This means that if you were to buy the LG Nexus 4 at 2am from Google Play, you should get it the next day, providing you chose overnight shipping. This means you could have the device in your hands tomorrow, the 14th of November.

The same will apply to the Google Nexus 10. All that shows up on the Google Play Store page right now is the “Notify me” button. Google have confirmed that orders for the devices will be shipped out on the same day, providing that they do not run out of stock.

Stock of course is the key factor as when Google run out of the first shipment of stock, they could then have a backlog of orders and this could mean that you will not get the device on the 14th and it could in fact be next week before the device is in your hands.

Therefore if you simply have to have the device when it is released today, you are going to have to sit at your computer and keep hitting the refresh button. Right now its anyone’s guess if the Google website will go live at midnight or they will have people up to the early hours. The good news though is that the LG Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 don’t plan on staying in warehouses but will ship the same day.

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