LG Nexus 4 Makes Same Horrible Mistake As Galaxy Nexus

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While the Samsung Galaxy Nexus was one of the best smartphones of 2011, it had one major problem – poor battery life. Now the latest reports hint that the LG Nexus 4 could suffer the same downfall.

Tests show LG Nexus 4 battery life may be disappointing

TMoNews reports that Google told the Verge last week why they decided not to include LTE on the LG Nexus 4. One of the reasons was due to the fact they would have to build more than one device for carriers and the other was the fact that LTE uses more power. While this is true, LG included LTE in the design of the Optimus G which is what the Nexus 4 is based on. This does give hope that a Nexus 4 on HSPA+ networks will give more battery life than devices running on LTE. However when AnandTech ran tests this proved not to be true.

The tech site is one of the best for looking into hardware and running benchmark tests on devices that just about cover every aspect of a new device. Their results therefore are usually very reliable. However what they show us about the LG Nexus 4 is disappointing as the battery appears to be worse than many of the handsets at the top of the Android market, many of which happen to be LTE handsets.

Battery tests have revealed that the LG Nexus 4 lasted around 4 hours and 18 minutes. The iPhone 5 came in the highest at 8 hours and the Samsung Galaxy S3 was 5 hours, with the HTC One X at just under 7 hours.

Tests made on Wi-Fi didn’t come out much better on the LG Nexus 4, although the battery life did see some improvement and lasted for 6 hours and 27 minutes. This was just behind the Samsung Galaxy S3 at 6 hours and 27 minutes, with the iPhone 5 winning at 10 hours and 27 minutes and the HTC One X not far behind at just a little under 10 hours.

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