[ALERT] LG Nexus 4 Will Be Available Online Again On Jan 23rd

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It hasn’t been easy to get hold of the LG Nexus 4 since it was launched. Stocks have been disappearing as soon as they arrive which has left those wanting the handset seeing out of stock messages at the Google Play Store and T-Mobile. However AndroidCommunity reports that  soon T-Mobile will be getting more stock in, including online.

T-Mobile: LG Nexus 4 available online from Jan 23rd

Earlier this week it was reported that T-Mobile stores would get LG Nexus 4 inventory very soon and now more details of this have been released. The details come from T-Mobile directly reports the blog and they have said that they will have the LG Nexus 4 online from 23rd January.

They also said that the handset is available in their larger retail stores and that it would be in all stores soon. So if you are waiting to get yourself the LG Nexus 4 you may wish to put a mark around this date on your calendar. If you have one of the larger stores of T-Mobile close by then you could check the inventory there.

The LG Nexus 4 will cost $199 with a contract of two years. This has to be compared with the price tag of $299 if you bought the handset through the Google Play Store, contract free; that is if you could get the device from the Google Play Store. At the moment all we know is that the handset will be in stores of T-Mobile and available online, nothing has been said about the availability of the handset with Google.

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