LG Nexus 4: Can’t Get One? Well It’s Entirely Your Fault Geographically Speaking

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Those wanting the LG Nexus 4 have been taken on a very interesting ride thanks to availability of the device being spotty and LG and Google each pointing the finger at the other for the blame.

LG Nexus 4 production sufficient, so what’s the problem?

Now the French Director of Communication at LG has stepped forward to talk about this and tell people why the LG Nexus 4 only “seems” to be hard to get hold of.

Cathy Robin was asked what was going on and she said that the problem was not related to LG completely. She went on to say that Google had planned demand to be much larger in some countries than it actually was and where Google had thought there wouldn’t be much success there was. Once they had realised this it then took some time to get supplies to those places. She went on to provide examples in countries such as the UK and Germany, where she said that the demand for the LG Nexus 4 was 10 times less than what Google had expected.

She also laughed off the rumour that LG was stopping production of the flagship Nexus 4. She said it was quite the contrary and that the production rate would increase going into the middle of February.

So basically there is sufficient stock of the LG Nexus 4, if you are in the right country that is.

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