LG Nexus 4: Coming Soon To An Indifferent Public Near You!

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We’d all thought that it’d be the iPhone 5 that would prove hard to come by, but it’s actually quite easy to bag one at your nearest Apple Store. It’s actually turned out to be the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean running LG Nexus 4 that’s elusive.

LG Nexus 4 lack of availability tests patience

It’s been out since last November, and has been a rare beast since. If you look at the shipping times for the LG Nexus 4, you’ll see that they’re falling further and further behind. An order placed now won’t set sail until late February or early March.

When it comes to Android, instant availability is very important – people will wait for months for the annual release of the new iPhone on the other hand because of spaced out releases, but there’s always going to be another Android – faster, bigger, shinier – along to catch your eye within months if not weeks.

So, up until the end of February there will be several new Androids out that’ll rival or even beat the LG Nexus 4. If you’re waiting for one, you’ll probably see something else to tempt you very soon.

I downloaded an Android app from Google Play called the Nexus 4 Stock Alert, and it’ll send me a notification when new LG Nexus 4 stock arrive into the Google Play Store. However, as I’m already waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S4, the Sony Xperia Z, the Motorola X and the HTC M7, the alert may fall on deaf ears if this availability issue isn’t resolved pronto!

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