LG Nexus 4 & Android Key Lime Pie Rolling Out Together At Oct 29 Google Event?

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Samsung may be offering some news that may comfort owners of the Galaxy S3 in the US who are waiting for the update to Jelly Bean. However this is not in the thoughts of Google as they are focusing on releasing the next OS, Key Lime Pie, Android 4.2 reports Product-Reviews. It is thought that this will be revealed along with the LG Nexus 4 on 29th October.

LG Nexus 4 & Android 4.2 “Key Lime Pie” launching on October 29?

For gadget fans October is a great month as many brand names have sent over invites for events happening this month. Apple will be holding an event on 23rd October; presumably to release the iPad Mini and Samsung will launch the Galaxy Note 2 on 24th October. Google will be then having their event on the 29th alongside Microsoft and Windows 8.

The invitation that Google sent out teases those invited with the words “The playground is open”. This could mean any number of things as Google are well known for their fun approach when it comes to revealing new tech. It is thought that Android 4.2 Key Lime Pie will be shown off on the LG Nexus 4 that comes with 2GB of RAM along with a quad core processor. However what is on the minds of most people is when the new Android update will be released to the general public.

Some are saying that this will happen at the event, however don’t expect to get it overnight on your Samsung Galaxy Nexus handset. Google may release an update in a matter of days, while owners of non-Nexus devices like the Galaxy S3 could have to wait for months before getting their hands on it.

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