Let LG Nexus 4 Be, Nexus 5 Tipped For February Launch

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The Senior VP of LG, James Fisher, said at CES that the LG Nexus 4 was just the start of a slew of Google handsets that the company is working on.

The Nexus range is a promotion tool for Google, as it demonstrates the development of its products, and to this end Google has worked with Samsung, HTC and LG. There has been no collaboration with Motorola as yet, though, and there are also rumours of a Sony Nexus.

Fisher said that the collaboration with Google enabled LG to launch the Nexus 4 and that there would be many more handsets coming.

According to The Telegraph, Fisher also said that LG would be showing off its next gen devices at Barcelona. Samsung’s “follow-up to the Nexus” wasn’t in collaboration with Google. It chose to reveal its Galaxy S3 after its Galaxy Nexus, but LG is believed to be updating the entire range of Optimus handsets. Fisher also said that at MWC and throughout 2013 LG would be unveiling more tier one devices….of different sizes. Sounds more like a limerick than a business plan.

Conversely, though, IBTimes reckons LG is scaling down the Nexus 4 production to concentrate on newer handsets. It’s thought that the Nexus 4’s successor will have quad-cores at 2GHz and Key Lime Pie.

The LG Nexus 4 has been quite rightly praised for its amazing features and its low price. However, it’s proved elusive to customers, as demand has way exceeded supply.

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