LG Nexus 4 Flying Solo, No More Nexus Phone Choices Coming?

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There have been rumours and leaks of the LG branded Nexus device floating around the internet. The device that has been leaked is the E960 and we have seen it more than four times, probably a record for a leaked device.

LG Nexus 4 only Nexus phone for 2012?

Having a new Nexus is superb, however one thing comes to mind and that is the fact that there were rumours of many new Nexus devices coming onto the market. However it appears that the LG Nexus will stand alone. So where are all the other Nexus handsets?

It is thought that Google will announce the Nexus device very soon, hopefully by the end of the month. This would make sense as when a device leaks onto the net as many times as the LG Nexus, we can be rest assured that we are closer to the unveiling.

However the photos posted on the net right now do not seem to match with the rumours of more than one Nexus handset. At the moment there is only one rumour of the LG Nexus, surely there should be more?

There has been many comments made on Twitter, many of them sarcastic ones. One user said that they had laughed when it was said that LG had an exclusive. However if LG are the only ones releasing a new Nexus device, then the laugh has to be on that person. Another user on Twitter said that the LG may be the only Nexus handset that would be released in 2012, backing up the exclusive story.

Given that Google had until now only released one Nexus smartphone every year it does make sense. As for the rumors of multiple Nexus devices, it likely may have been referring to the fact that we saw one mini-tablet in the way of the Google Nexus 7 and now there are rumors of a full-size Galaxy Nexus tablet coming. What do you think? Are there more Google Nexus smartphones coming this year?

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