LG LV5 Looks Like Good News For LG G5

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LG have been getting ready to reveal their new smartphone with the name of LG LV5, which is said to look like the LG G5 that came onto the market during the first half of this year.

It is thought that the device isn’t going to be a true successor to the LG G5 as the LG LV5 is said to be a modular handset. This hasn’t been confirmed at the moment so you do have to take it with a pinch of salt.

We have been treated to a look at what the LG LV5 might look like and the handset is said to be coming with a slight curve to the front of the panel, a camera with LED flash and fingerprint scanner.

The back of the device should be removable and this gives us an indication that the battery can be swapped out.

At the moment we haven’t been given any more details about the specs of the LG LV5 but is thought that it will have Android Nougat when it does arrive as LG does offer handsets running on the latest OS.

Are you waiting to hear more about the LG LV5?

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