LG G7 Might Not Wait For The One-Year Mark

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While the LG G6 was not a flop, it definitely did not do as well as some of its competitors which could be the reason why LG might have decided to release the next generation earlier than usual.

According to The Investor, LG might be looking to release their LG G7 slightly earlier next year. It is said that we might see the G7 as early as January next year. Some believe that LG did that so that they have a slight advantage over Samsung or at least meet Samsung as some reports claim that Samsung is also looking to release their Samsung Galaxy S9 earlier next year.

It is said that the LG G7 will come with an OLED display. The LG G7 is not the only one getting pushed forward as well as the report also claim that we might see the LG V30 earlier as well. Like the G7, the V30 should also be coming with an OLED display.

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