LG G6 May Follow Same Route As Galaxy S6

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It is looking as though LG may be taking the same route as the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the phone maker may be playing safe when the device is unveiled at the MWC 2017.

The Samsung Galaxy handsets used to be loved for their removable battery but then this was taken away with the Samsung Galaxy S6. Now it looks as though LG are doing the same and the LG G6 isn’t going to offer a battery that can be swapped out.

It looks like LG have taken these steps with the LG G6 so as to make the handset water resistant. Another thing that the device is said to be losing is the modular format that was seen with the LG G5.

The removable battery was a feature that went down well with people and it made the handset unique. But it seems that the LG G6 is following on in the footsteps of the Galaxy S6 for its design.

The LG G6 is thought to be bringing with it plenty of superb features and technology but will not having the removable battery go against the handset as it did with the Galaxy S6?

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