LG G6 Has Promised That Bootloops Are In The Past

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LG has been teasing people that the LG G6 might not suffer from boot loops the same as their other devices have suffered in the past. They have said that devices are going to be more reliable in the future and they said this by way of a placard that reads “Reliability. Check, Check Check”.

So it is looking as though the LG G6 may be a lot more reliable that other devices from them in the past. LG will of course want to make sure that they don’t follow on in the footsteps of other phone makers. They certainly will not want to follow Samsung with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

In the past LG have suffered boot loop issues with handsets such as the LG G4 and LG G5 and they haven’t addressed it properly with owners being left upset. With the LG G6 the phone maker has the chance to redeem themselves.

It is thought that the LG G6 will offer a tall QHD display which has slim bezels, dual cameras, 32 but Quad DAC, Google Assistant and the Snapdragon 821 processor.

But would you trust LG when they lead us to believe that the LG G6 is going to be more reliable and boot loop issues should be a thing of the past?

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