LG G6 Already Leaked Ahead Of G5 Debut

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Despite the LG G5 not having made its debut onto the market yet, we have heard about leaks of the LG G6 and the fact that the handset will be coming out not many months after the debut of the G5.

LG must surely be wishing that news of the upcoming handset hadn’t leaked as this is not going to bode well for sales of the LG G5.

Recently the designer behind the phone was talking and he said that when it came to the design of a phone LG think about what is beneficial to the customer. He went on to say that they never lose the core benefits of previous phones, but that they also want to make a phone that is different from the previous version. The LG G6 is going to be no exception to this rule.

The designer said that the battery changing in the LG G5 was one thing they thought about when it came to making life easier for customers. They simply pop the battery out thanks to a unique release and put another one in. With the LG G6 they will have taken things a step further and make it even easier to swap the battery.

The designer talked about a something akin to a gun magazine where at the push of a button you get a new battery that is fresh to go. Perhaps this could make an appearance in the LG G6.

Of course the battery changing this way would be unique to the LG G6 but the device would also come with many more improvements, such as curves to the display, a higher end Bang & Olufsen audio player and much more.

Does this put you off from going for the LG G5 now, will you wait a few more months to get your hands on the LG G6?