LG G5: What We Know So Far

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It is believed that LG will be at the MWC this year where they will be unveiling their new flagship smartphone, the LG G5. When it comes to premium smartphones like the LG G5, you can bet that there will be a ton of rumors and speculation about what LG will be offering. Here is what we have heard so far.

New leaked images released this week showed that LG will be making some major changes to the design of the LG G5. From what we can see right now, it looks like the LG G5 will be coming in with a fingerprint sensor along with what looks like a larger camera sensor. There were also talk about the LG G5 coming in with a dual camera setup.

Other reports suggest that LG will still offer the flagship with a removable battery but instead of a removable back cover, the LG G5 will come with a slot where the battery can be slide in and out.

Some say that LG might also add on a Magic Slot that will allow the LG G5 to be connected to new accessories like a VR headset.

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