LG G5 vs HTC M10 vs Samsung Galaxy S7: The Big Fellas

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Let’s talk about the battle of these mythical (well, not really, since there’s a high possibility for a release) proportions. It’s the LG G5 with a weird bottom slot, the HTC M10 that’s expected to make a great comeback, as well as the Samsung Galaxy S7 that doesn’t seem to be packed with any extraordinary features.

Rumours are still ongoing about these three upcoming smartphones, and we’ve picked a few that might spark your interest. The LG G5 may be released sooner than you think (at the 2016 MWC), despite the fact that the tech maker typically launches its flagship phones after Samsung does. As always, some speculates that it’ll be the company’s first metal-framed phone, while others suggested it could be all-metal or plastic like its predecessor, the G4.

As for the HTC One M10 ‘Perfume’, the external design is still subject to change, but our best indication so far would be that the phone’s going to take a “completely different approach” in terms of design and enhanced improvements. It could be waterproof, but we’re not completely positive about that. Rumour has it that the Samsung Galaxy S7’s screen could get a tad bigger than its usual 5.1-inch screen for previous S models, and that’s the latest we’ve heard so far.

Both the LG G5 and HTC Perfume are rumoured to be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 system-on-a-chip, with the latter one having an added Adreno 530 for graphics. It’s certainly a huge leap from the Snapdragon 808 chip found in the LG G4, so we should be expecting this bigger upgrade from LG. Samsung Galaxy S7 is also expected to be using the Qualcomm chip (making a comeback, perhaps), but details are a little scarse at the moment.

When it comes to features, it looks like the G5 and S7 could both have an iris scanner each; the ability to recognize you by your eyes. This is hands down, the coolest thing we’ve heard so far. And while the M10 Perfume wouldn’t have much to boast about (not even with the front and back cameras that are offering optical image stabilization), there’s also a chance that disappointed fans would emerge. There’s going to be an absence of a branded Boomsound audio experience, so the sound quality could be a little upsetting for fans.

And there you have it, some of the leaked rumours that we’ve compiled when we’re only months away from their release. Let’s just hope that they stick to the said rumours, or better yet, have added improvements for maximizing user experience.

So, which one are you looking forward to the most?

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