LG G5: There Is Plenty Of Controversy Surrounding It

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We have heard a great deal of controversy in regards to the LG G5 and plenty of people have been talking about the device and whether or not the device is actually made from full metal.

When you take a look at the back of the LG G5 you can see that there are many questions about the device and whether or not the back of the handset has been made from metal or whether it is metal and plastic.

LG have let people in about the design of the device and what it is actually made from.

The back of the LG G5 does seem to have a primer on it as you can see it with the seams of the handset. The device is made from aluminium, so it is not plastic. On the back the antenna lines should look seamless; however you can see them on the LG G5. They are covered with primer, while there is paint on the top of that.

It seems that perhaps LG was looking for a smooth finish, which at the same time is lightweight. The body of the LG G5 is unibody and it is made from aluminium, which then has a coating of primer and finally paint.