LG G5: Its First Mistake

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We love the LG G4 and the recently released LG V10. So as you can expect we are very excited to hear rumors floating around of the LG G5 as this signifies its release date will soon be upon us.

Looking at the LG G5 rumor mill, there is one leak that stands out more than others. This features is one that we didn’t see in the LG G4 but had a feeling it may come about after the LG V10 – we are referring to the secondary display.

The LG G5 is suggested to include a secondary ticker display. Now if you know of our review of the LG V10, this was one feature we didn’t like. It didn’t seem to make sense to include that little bit of space for a secondary display when you already have a large screen to start off with. Secondly, it only covered two-thirds of its horizontal surface – another somewhat annoying design flaw.

With that said we hope the LG G5 has other tricks up its sleeve as we can see the secondary display not being the biggest seller next year.

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