LG G5 Gets Crushed By Samsung Galaxy S7 In The Strangest Way Possible

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We’ve seen these two gorgeously made phones that were hogging the MWC spotlight recently in Barcelona; and as much as we’d root for the LG G5, it seems pretty clear that the Samsung Galaxy S7 takes the biggest cake generally speaking. Especially in terms of their marketing stunts. S7 literally beat the G5 to pieces (if they do have some, to say the least).

Well for one, Samsung certainly had done a lot of homework to get people talking about their flagship S7. As bland as it may seem to be (since it looks largely similar than that of its predecessor, so there really isn’t much to stand out for), we’ve really got to give props to see how Samsung has really gone all out which their strategy; allowing for pre-orders alongside VR headsets as gifts, a dedicated landing page ready to go, among others.

They just need to have people’s attention; rumour or not, leaked or fact, they need it out there to gain as many people’s interest as they can. And they certainly managed to have done so. In stark contrast to LG’s methods, they’ve only managed to get something even close to a landing page by having to take several days. Did we also mention they we’re still uncertain about the prices LG has released for its G5?

Samsung might have won the marketing battle, since most people would generally want to be able to get their hands on their phone and be assured that they really will. Isn’t that so? But if you’d really like a change and you’re one for embracing change, you know you should be looking at the world’s first modular handsome smartphone, the LG G5.

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