LG G5 Controversy Continues

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There has been a lot of controversy about the LG G5 and that is still raging on forums. The controversy is about the back of the handset and what it is made of, so is it all metal or not?

If you look at the LG G5 you can see seams on the back and this does lead to many questions about whether the back is full metal or whether it is plastic and metal.

LG said that there are trade secrets about the handset but they have shed some light about the construction of the handset.

It seems that the back has primer on it and this is seen in the seams and the device is made from aluminium, not plastic. It is moulded from aluminium and not one piece. The antenna lines are supposed to be seamless but the seams you can see on the LG G5 are in fact the antenna lines, which are covered with primer and paint on top of the aluminium.

So essentially there is a layer of paint on the back, which covers the aluminium, LG did say in their marketing that you touch aluminium when you hold the handset. However, this isn’t the case as the aluminium is underneath a layer of paint and primer on the LG G5.

LG were looking for a smooth finish that is lightweight on the LG G5, so yes it is a unibody phone made of aluminium but it does have a coating of primer and paint.