LG G5 Brings Teasers To A Whole New Level

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A while ago, LG had the brilliant idea to tease its fans of the flagship G5 through a teaser image saying simply, “play begins”, and of course for gaming enthusiasts, they took it the wrong way. The LG G5 that was revealed at the recent MWC in Barcelona saw the world’s first modular smartphone with awesome accessories, but not one which are made for “gamers”.

Those accessories were really meant for playing as it stays true to its tagline, but rumours about the G5 having gamepad controllers at the corners of the phone were proven untrue as what we’ve seen at the event. But what you can expect is two very special accessories though, the LG HiFi Plus and the LG Cam Plus; both of which enhances the audio and camera experience.

Perhaps they would put into consideration about having a module just for the gamers, but we can’t say much for now. But seeing how it’s garnered the attention it’s expected to have at the event, we think the flagship’s lifespan would be longer than you think. Probably Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and Apple’s iPhone 7 could be taking a step backwards too.

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