LG G5 Battery Life Questionable

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The LG G5 is set to be the next big Android smartphone from the Korean manufacturer. Unfortunately early reception on some features have been less than positive.

We are talking about none other than the recently mentioned Always On feature whereby you can see certain things like the date and time – and apparently there is no way to turn it off aside from blocking the proximity sensor.

What this would mean is that if you have your LG G5 next to you on a desk the display will always be powered on. We are not sure what is the real benefit of this but given that it will no doubt drain the battery to some extent there could be some negatives to it.

We can see that being able to view any notifications at a glance without having to power on the LG G5 is a plus but a bigger plus would always be longer battery life. No word yet on if there is any way to disable this but we can imagine it would put off a lot of buyers.

What are you thoughts on the LG G5? Sound off below.

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