LG G5 Battery Capacity Is Only 2700mAh?

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Some people went haywire when they discovered something they deemed “baffling” upon watching a video reviewing the LG G5 and its 2700mAh battery capacity. It’s baffling to them because they had the idea that the device would come with 2800mAH as promised by LG, so this small “margin of error” kind of got the forums abuzz.

There are those who think that it’s due to the batch they are being delivered, since OEMs would usually list the specs and the typical battery capacity could vary slightly. And there are others who go about thinking that the difference of 100 is more than what one would normally see in a margin of error.

But is that really necessary to cause that tad bit of uproar just because of what LG couldn’t do as they’ve promised? If you’d care to look at the image we’re posting below, you are able to see something that would have your big question answered. Somebody was thoughtful enough to upload this so curious people like us would find the answer we’re searching for.


Did you see that? You’ve got to enlarge the picture and see the top right section of the battery and you’re going to thank us for that. Yep, you’re welcome.

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