LG G4 vs G5: Why You Don’t Need To Upgrade

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How does it feel living with an LG G4 on a daily basis?

We’ve found an interesting analysis through our network of sources, and apparently, the results would astonish you. And you probably wouldn’t even want to think about getting the next LG G5 too. Like almost every smartphone maker out there, they’ve just been toying with the idea of having more 4K displays, larger screens, better cameras and so on. But the underrated G4 may seem like it’s actually pretty good on its own too, if you just give it a chance.

Sure, the G5 may seem to be the next big thing to hit the market with its “looking and feeling nothing like its predecessors” tagline, but there doesn’t seem to be much interest placed on it considering it’s going for a unique accessory slot (which we’ll get to it in a while). Before we even get to dissing on the G5, let’s just say that the G4 has a terrific display, impressive camera qualities, and not forgetting it’s unique curved display.

There’s been some comparisons made to S6 and G4’s picture quality, and though the latter was actually released earlier, the images generally match with one another when you place them side by side. It’s just probably a few downsides that you need to note down about the G4, and we meant this: the placement of the power and volume control keys in the centre of the back of the phone would actually be a little unusual and takes time to get used to. But that’s not too severe of an issue, to be honest.

Back to where we mentioned about the G5 and its unusual accessory slot, it’s actually based on the idea of a rendering made that shows a cartridge-like receptacle that would make the battery user-replaceable (in other words, it slides out when replacing with a newer battery). That hits us hard as it seems so nostalgic, but we ain’t too keen if it’s going to be faring well if that’s all there is to be boasting about. Which is why there doesn’t seem to be the necessity to actually upgrade your G4 to the G5.

What are your thoughts on this exactly? Do you think that the G5 could drive better sales figures for the company?

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