LG G4 Units Bricking For No Reason, Unfixable

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Most Android users (or smartphone users, in general) have an undying love for their devices, and we bet that they’ve tried (at least once) complex operations like rooting, installing custom ROMs, replacing the stock recovery and so on. And those risky procedures would eventually lead to having problematic phones, and that is when you come into realization that you have screwed your phone.

That being said, a large group of LG G4 users have taken their disgruntlement online towards their phones that have been suffering from the dreaded “boot loop” defect (failing to boot up, causing it to endlessly restart). One user took the matter into his own hands and launched an online petition to urge the South Korean manufacturer to rectify the problem at hand, since they weren’t really doing much about it.

The petition launched on by Mr. Santiago Archilla appeals for the tech giant to officially acknowledge their major hardware defect, and to launch a free replacement programme for all affected owners. And that’s regardless of region or model number variant of the G4. Sounds pretty thoughtful and considerate of the petitioner, isn’t it? Now it’s really up to the smartphone maker to do something about it, since with all the pressure they’ve been placed upon.

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