LG G Flex 3 Should Be Pronounced Dead

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Many people just cannot wait to see what LG is going to offer up by way of the LG G Flex 3. Some people thought that the handset would be offered with last year but it wasn’t announced and they were disappointed.

Fans thought that perhaps we would see the arrival of the LG G Flex 3 at the CES this year but then this didn’t come about either. So the big question on the lips of everyone right now is whether or not the device should be pronounced dead.

The LG G Flex was something of a disappointment along with the LG G5 and LG might have now decided that they are not going to risk anymore and put all their focus on the LG V20 and perhaps the LG G6.

But what do you think? Should LG give up on the LG G Flex 3 or are you one of the fans who still think that the device might be a hit if released?

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